The National Billing Partners Difference

medical billing company Business challenges, financial burdens, and administrative tasks shouldn’t distract you from the main reason you started practicing medicine in the first place – providing the highest level of patient care possible, while helping people live longer and healthier lives. And receiving a fair compensation for your time and talents in the process. Rely on our expertise to help you with industry-leading medical billing and revenue cycle management practices, so that you can focus on being a physician.

Our Partners strive to be the best care providers in their communities and NBP stands behind each practice ensuring long-term financial success, viability and sustainability. Patients desire the best professionals in their field to deliver a high degree of care and physicians deserve the same level of quality managing their practice – either in a private or hospital setting.

National Billing Partners was built on strong foundational principles:

  • Superior Technology and Talent
  • Diligence and Integrity
  • Innovative and Proven Processes

What makes us different?

  • Proactive and Professional Management Team (no pajama billers)
  • CFO Offerings
  • Advanced Technology Tools
  • U.S.-Based Talent vs. Offshore Labor

While you can easily pick up a phone and find a “medical billing” company who will “take over” your billing and receivables, there are many reasons why that might not be the best choice. You certainly might realize some initial relief from some simple tasks, but we’ve found that those companies do not produce long-term sustainable results and are not interested in long-term partnerships – just short-term gains.

Many of those firms have treated the business like a commodity and hide the fact that they utilize offshore resources for the bulk of the work. At NBP, we take a partnership approach and our experienced consultants listen to make sure you get exactly what you need – not what “we want to sell.” We’re in it for the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will I lose touch or control over my practice?
A. Just the opposite. Physicians are typically surprised to find they actually have a much better understanding of and gain more control over the processes in the practice.

Often, physicians mistakenly believe that they gain loyalty by employing direct staff to manage the billing and collection process. These employee wages however are a fixed cost to the practice whether they perform well or not. NBP is highly incentivized to produce the best results possible, only getting paid when the practice gets paid.

Q. Will I face a dip in my cash flow?
A. Definitely not. Rather, you should actually expect an increase on a fairly immediate basis as our processes are implemented within your practice.

Q. Do I maintain my staff or is this a complete medical billing outsource service?
A. The choice is yours. When we are brought on board, practices often release underperforming employees and shift better, loyal employees to other valuable positions. To work more effectively on your behalf, we typically utilize one employee such as Office Manager or front desk employee as our point of contact person.

Q. Aside from much improved cash flow, what else should I expect?
A. A new comfort level and improved quality of life are common. With correct and prompt turnaround in billing and collections, you will have a more harmonious office environment and a real sense of relief from no longer having to deal with a vexing cash flow problem.

Q. How is NBP different from a medical billing company I once tried which turned out to be a huge failure?
A. We excel in tools, technology and talent. Nationally, only a handful of genuinely qualified billing companies are active. The others, which may include the one you tried, are not working at a well-trained, highly experienced and proven level. We deliver what you would expect from a professional organization that has its eye on taking your bottom line to new heights.

Q. How will I know that you are doing a good job?
A. Transparency of information in our reporting is exceptional. At any time, anywhere 24/7, a physician can essentially look over our shoulder for a current snapshot of our billing and collections work. With web access, you log in (even while on vacation) and see onscreen postings, outgoing charges and all relevant details.

Q. How will NBP interact with my office?
A. The best results are achieved by partnering with the practice to focus on achieving the best outcomes. Change and transition can be difficult for some, however approaching the project with skilled team members, good communications, and the best of intentions has proven effective at overcoming obstacles.

Learn more about how National Billing Partners can help you increase revenue, improve profitability, mitigate risk and enhance overall patient care today.