National Billing Partners takes a consultative approach to your revenue cycle management challenges. We spend the time necessary to understand your unique medical billing needs and we tailor solutions to fit each practices’ objectives. Our experienced consultants bring the right tools to help your practice run more efficiently and effectively – and we help keep you in control.

  • Practice Analysis, Benchmarking & Goal Setting
    • Maximize Reimbursements
    • Minimize Expense and Risk
    • Increase Revenue
  • CPA-Level Financial Analysis
    • New Service Line Profitability Analysis
    • Business Plan Evaluations
    • Expansion Valuations
    • Growth Projections
  • Fraud, Risk & Internal Controls Assessments

You Can Provide Excellent Care & Run a Profitable Business

In today’s rapidly-changing healthcare environment, physicians are taxed more than ever before with non-medical and administrative burdens. We understand that managing your growth and maximizing profitability is a challenge, which is why we take a 360-degree approach to every engagement. Our medical billing teams free you up to focus on what matters most – delivering the highest level of patient care possible.

While all practices are different, here are a few common areas where clients seek improvement opportunities:

  • Increasing Revenue and Growth Management
  • Leadership & Personnel Decisions
  • Inefficient Department Organization and Labor Management
  • Knowledge Base Limitations
  • Technology Utilization
  • Practice Management Systems
  • Outdated & Inefficient Billing Practices
  • Collection Gaps & Poor Reporting of Receivables
  • Insurance Contracts and Strategies
  • Theft Risk & Fraud Prevention
  • High Billing Error Rates
  • No Quality Assurance Measures
  • Poor Oversight and Departmental Organization
  • Varying Degrees of Ability, Applied Knowledge and Accountability
  • Physical Access to Assets/Information
  • HIPAA Compliance


Learn more about how National Billing Partners can help you increase revenue, improve profitability, mitigate risk and enhance overall patient care today.